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Tourmanium Ceramic

Tourmanium Ceramic

Newly developed ceramic made of materials that affect the body positively!

When this unique ceramic is heated in the products the deep infrared rays is emitted. The mineral tourmaline inside the ceramic also emits the negative ions. Subtotal properties that help in the treatment of diseases and pains, while it strengthens the immune system and therefore our health and sense of wellbeing.

Tourmaline Ceramic is made of four elements, each with their unique characteristics:



Of all minerals found on earth, bears only tourmaline a permanent electric charge, therefore it is also called "The mystery of crystal polarity." The composition of tourmaline is potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, silicon, iodine, fluorine and various other components. During the heat creates tourmaline low frequent magnetic waves (magnetic therapy), which enhances blood circulation and improves our body's energy in organs and cells.

When the organism is affected by tourmaline, among other things, it helps to rebuild the endocrine system (hormone system) and strengthens our immune system.

Especially the black tourmaline is used to cure and is often used in connection with rheumatic diseases.
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The element Germanium improves oxygenation of cells. This helps to fight pain, keep the immune system in balance and cleansing of toxins and poisons. Researchers have demonstrated that intake of foods containing organic germanium, is an effective way to increase oxygenation of tissues because, germanium acts as a carrier of oxygen to cells, like hemoglobin does. This can help to improve many kinds of diseases such as rheumatoid arthitis, food allergies, high cholesterol, chronic viral infections, cancer and AIDS.
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Volcanic rocks

Nuga Best tourmanium ceramic used to treat disease, relieve pain and also strengthens the immune system.
Volcanic rock or lava rock, serves as an excellent heat "collect", which creates an optimal heat - admission to the body. Heated lava stone transfer their heat energy to the body's deeper layers and thus stimulates circulation, cell functions, metabolism and regeneration of tissues.



Elvan is a Korean granite as characterized by the ability to attach to and dissolve foreign particles, bacteria, and heavy metals, neutralize toxic materials, and works deodorizing. Elvan in turmalinkeramikken therefore help to purify your blood and your cells.


Manufacturing of tourmanium ceramic for use in Nuga Best products

Nuga Best tourmanium ceramic is created by burning a mix of micro particles from the above 4 elements. It is burned at 1300 degrees Celsius.

Before burning the tourmanium ceramic is shaped in small "buttons" which, in use with the body's weight against the heating surface combined with the heat, have same effect as finger pressure massage og moxibustion.

In Nuga Best products the tourmanium ceramic is attached to a special heating element that can be controlled in the temperature range 40ºC to 70ºC, which further enhance the effects of the thermal therapy, with deep infrared emission and ion therapy.


Manufacturing of Nuga Best turmanium ceramic
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