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Nuga Best products are classified as advanced medical equipment. The products make use og modern science and technology, enabling all to benefit from both chiropractic and the thousand year old methods to better wellness and disease prevention as found in traditional oriental medicine. Click on any of the products to read the product description.

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1 NM-300 natural jade floodlight against mouse damage, pain, swelling, etc. 10516
2 NM-80 Tourmaline ceramic for disease prevention, treatment of pain etc. 12162
3 NM-85 Tourmaline ceramic for disease prevention and treatment of pains 10793
4 NM-90 for stomach pain, low back pain, pain, menstrual pain, indigestion etc. 18102
5 NM-2500 Infrared mattress for pain management, fibromyalgia, arthritis, disease prevention and wellness 15301
6 NHL-100 Gentle massage, Kegel exercises, pelvic floor muscles, urinary incontinence, prostate, pain relief and slimming 35509
7 NM-55 Bio Heart Foot massage, acupuncture points, reflexology and help for poor blood circulation 45002
8 NM-70 infrared heat against pain in knees and shoulders 10575
9 Cervical vertebral pillow 6813
10 Electronic blackboard showing the spinal nervous system 15461
11 NM-200 Tourmanium Ceramic therapy with thermal finger pressure massage 12426
12 MHP-100 Shoulder and body heater for disease prevention, pain management, wellness and wellness 3558
13 NM-5000 Thermal jade back massage with chiropractic 27838
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