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Nuga Best is produced by the South Korean company Nuga Medical Co., Ltd. which manufactures and sells equipment for prevention and reconstruction of human health. Today the company is a leader in production of equipment for alternative medicine.
From its beginning in 2002 and till now Nuga Best equipment had been approved, and used in over 64 countries.

In June 2008 the company rounded $ 100 million in export.

Several years, the company Nuga Medical Co., Ltd. has been elected the best company in South Korea for its unique technology and expertise.

The company has in particular been awarded the Korean premium "Jang Young shill" for being the most successful and fastest growing company in South Korea. In February 2009 the company received a commendation from the South Korean government to have world number one product in 2008.

The company is today represented in more than 64 countries.

President Cho, Syung Hyun


The president Cho, Syung Hyun has training as a designer of medical devices and is the founder of the development of Nuga Best massage bed. He and his family were the first and most active users of the equipment from Nuga Best. He started production of the product Nuga Best in 2002.

Nuga (Luke) - The Good Samaritan

In Korean the evangelist Luke is called Nuga. Luke (Nuga) originally was a doctor himself and is also known for his description of Jesus parable "The Good Samaritan", which many probably know from the Bible story. As the good Samaritan, it is the basic foundation for the creator of Nuga Best, Cho Syung Hyun, to give assistance to his fellow man, hence the name Nuga Best.

Nuga Best LOGO


The circle in the Nuga Best logo symbolizes all the people in the world. In the circle you see 2 people together promises hands as a symbol of health for all, which is the fundamental ideology of the company Nuga Best.

Logo and graphics

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